Growing together in christ

At First Baptist, our goal is that our students will personally know God and be equipped for life in the Kingdom. We accomplish this through a simple process.

Our events are designed to connect students with God, caring adults, and other Christian teens. We encourage students to join our Wednesday night and Sunday morning programs to deepen their relationship with Christ. As students grow, we challenge them to join our small groups, which are designed for personal Bible study and accountability. From these groups, we plug students into service opportunities such as CYIA, VBS, local Soup Kitchen, Worship Team, and many more!


Wednesday Nights:

Jr High  ||  6:30p - 8:15p

Embers  ||  8:00p - 9:00p (Sr High Small Group)


Sr High  ||  6:30p - 8:15p

Sunday school for both age groups at 9:45a

Check out the Youth events on our church calendar: